Visiting Valladolid

Location of Valladolid

For my first holiday in a little while, we* will be visiting the City of Valladolid in the North of Spain, approx 1.5hrs NW of Madrid.

What does Valladolid hold in store for us?

Firstly, TWO CATHEDRALS await, a cause of great excitement for an avid fan of anything old and religious like me. Valladolid is an archdicoese in it’s own right, and I found it most amusing to find that there are over 20 churches offering daily Mass (Laborables) and still more offering Sunday Mass (Domingos).

According the the Spanish Tourism site (which doesn’t really do it justice!), the Cathedral (the XXX one) is Renaissance, 16th Century, and designed by Juan de Herrera, however, I am sure a few pictures will do more than any words here!

*Otherwise known as self and my long suffering boyfriend who will be with me.


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